Used Equipment

For several years, our department of used equipment has made his mark. We work hard to find a selection of varied products in very good condition.

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All Used Equipment is tested and sold in working order. The following list ranks the used gear according to their appearance only.

Used Equipment A: Used gear, but appears as new (camera with a shutter count lower than 1000, for example; the camera must NOT be a discontinued model when we buy it)
Used Equipment B: Shows little to no wear (a bit more clicks than a rank A piece of gear, for example)
Used Equipment C: Shows some wear, but very clean (rubber was visibly used more, but not that much)
Used Equipment D: May show some more slight wear on the finish (a tiny, superficial scratch)
Used Equipment E: Well-used; may show some wear on the finish (a few scratches)
Used Equipment F: Was visibly used a lot, more than usual (finish has disappeared here and there, can see the metal underneath a little)
Used Equipment G: Usable, but imperfect optically or mechanically

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