Lens cap BRNO baLens White Balance 55mm


Simple. Smart. Functional. Change the way your camera sees colour. Go from orange, blue and green-tinted photos to beautifully captured colour by setting a custom white balance with the baLens Cap. Achieve a look that's not always possible with in-camera automatic white balance or in-camera white balance pre-sets. Just squeeze both side tabs of the baLens Cap for easy placement or removal, even with a lens hood in place. Its center pinch-release mechanism and streamlined design helps prevent the baLens Cap from accidently bumping off, either when traveling or shooting in a crowd. The patent-pending baLens White Balance Lens Cap system comes with interchangeable neutral and warm filters. So no matter how challenging the lighting, with a baLens Cap you can get better colours right out of the bag.

  • SKU: BRBN55