Introduction to Travel Photography

  • Duration: 3h
  • Date: January 22nd, 2020, 6:30PM

In French only. Please contact us to learn more about our private courses.

Whether you’re going on a photo safari in Africa, a trip to Europe, a cruise around the world or simply going to Gaspé; whether you’re going on a plane, a ship, a train or by car; you all want to have the best pictures ever and, most of all, you especially want to dive back into your memories every time you view your photos!

A landscape, a festival, a craftsman at work or simply a child smile, we have to know how to transform reality into a superb image. This workshop will walk you through a review of effective technics and will give you tricks on different subjects that will open your eyes to a world that you would have never thought of! This workshop wants to be human, interactive and creative! Our ultimate goal is to give you all the tools possible so that you can come back from your trip with images that represent who you are!

Content :

  • How to prepare your trip
  • What equipment to bring
  • Shooting tips (portrait, landscape, architecture, etc)
  • Delicate situations
  • Tell your story with images

Once registered, this course cannot be refunded. Photo Laplante reserves the right to cancel or hand over a course, workshop or outings without notice, in which case registered persons will be notified and reimbursed.