Nikon Sunglasses Core NC2032S / Blue and Silver Aluminum / Black Grey Lens


Core Series

  • Acetate and rubber combination
  • Dedicated multi-textured rubber temples inspired by Nikon camera aesthetic
  • Equipped with Polashade 2 polarized lenses
  • High performance 5 barrel hinge
  • SKU: NC2032S06301P
  • Color: Black and Silver Aluminum / Black Grey Lens

Core Series
Refined twists and details inspired from the camera universe make this series easily identifiable, yet discreet.

Nikon is legendary for the exceptional precision, sharpness and distortion-free quality of its images. Faithful to the Nikon legend, our sunglasses provide the best precision of vision thanks to our advanced light control & optical technologies. Even in the harshest of sun glare your vision will remain perfectly sharp.

All Nikon sunglasses are fitted with Polashade 2 or Polashade Reveal polarized lenses, that eliminate up to 99%* of unwanted reflections of light. As a result, the environment appears very sharp with deep, well contrasted colors that help a clear perception in the whole visual field.

The right lens merials to ensure your vision stays clear and sharp:

  • Superior protection against scratches
  • Protection against dust and smudge
  • Multi-layer anti-reflection coating on the back side
  • Full protection against UVA and UVB