Duration : 4h

In French only. Please contact us to learn more about our private courses.

Discover the underside of a typical wedding day: how to prepare, what equipment to bring, meetings with the customers. Photographing a wedding is more than a day of shooting, it's a lot of preparation, before and after the event!

Based on over 20 years of wedding photography experience, Sylvie Poirier will share her vision and approach on both the photographic and human aspects.

You will have the privilege of taking part in a photoshoot of a married couple. The shooting will take place in a park as in real life, no matter what the weather is. You will learn on the field how to use ambient light, how to maximize space and especially how to make this experience unforgettable!

Topics that will be discussed :

  • How to prepare
  • How to manage the changing light
  • What equipment to bring
  • How to use your creativity
  • What are the most important images

This workshop is given only once a year!

Pre-requisite : Owning a DSRL camera. Having a good comprehension of your camera. Having knowledge of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.
This workshop is for all beginner and intermediate photographers.

An email giving you instructions will be forwared to you a few days before the workshop.

Once registered, this course cannot be refunded. Photo Laplante reserves the right to cancel or hand over a course, workshop or outings without notice, in which case registered persons will be notified and reimbursed.


per person
No course on the schedule soon. However, you can make an arrangement with the teacher by clicking here.