Duration : 1h

New online training

There are some techniques you would like to improve? You would like to look at your images with a professional photographer and see what you can do to improve them? Have you done photo trials and it doesn't always give you what you want? Have you taken one of our photo courses or workshops and would like to go even further? Do you have a list of questions on several topics that you would like to discuss with us?

This private training is exactly what you need!

Lasting an hour or more, depending on your needs, it's done online with the Zoom app from the comfort of your home. We can discuss shooting technics, photo editing or any other topic that interests you. All you have to do is contact Sylvie Poirier, professional photographer and director of the Photo Laplante photography school, to discuss it further and make an appointment.

Once registered, this course cannot be refunded. Photo Laplante reserves the right to cancel or hand over a course, workshop or outings without notice, in which case registered persons will be notified and reimbursed.


per person
No course on the schedule soon. However, you can make an arrangement with the teacher by clicking here.