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Black and white as the ultimate expression of your emotions.

Course description: In this workshop, you will find, through practice, that the perfect exposure does not exist! The objective of this training is to learn how to analyze and preview your favorite subjects in black and white from an approach (perception) of subjects in "zones" of gray infinitely controllable. You will reach the ultimate mastery of digital materials and the exposure meter of your device. This workshop will introduce you to a new perspective that will stimulate your passion for photography and open doors to your creativity.

Course content:Explanation of the zone system and its applications. The principles of digital sensitometry and light versus light meter reactions. The perception of shades
of gray or how to convey personal emotions in photos. Shooting versus camera settings to adjust contrast as a key element of interpretation and creativity.
The manipulation of your device and the art of predicting results to create personalized black and white images and increase their visual impact. Viewing
several images and technical demonstrations will allow you to discover a very concrete approach to photography and creativity.


  • The setting of your device for black and white shots
  • Appropriate use of integrated digital filters
  • Preview of tones in the field
  • Personalized area placements and emotional interpretation
  • The predictable world view in monochrome for landscapes and nature
  • The perception and importance of the analysis of contrasts
  • The composition and the particular structure of the black and white scenes
  • Several exercises of creativity and visual expression

Prerequisites: The workshop "Lighting effects with the High key / Lowkey light meter".

Material required: Camera with basic lens and a tripod.

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    • October 31, 2020 9:00 AM

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