Duration : 2.5h

We are proud to offer this free conference with Michel Proulx, as part of our ''Mega Annual Photo Sale'' event.

In French only

In this world of easy-to-copy social media and digital photos, it’s time to update Canadian copyright and photo protection laws. No longer be afraid to take pictures everywhere, specifying the concepts of public places and private places. Also be informed about the publication and use of your photos on the web.


In this workshop, the following concepts will be discussed:

  • Copyright according to law # C11 which governs the world of photography in Canada
  • Theft of your photos… what to do?
  • Can private users and organizations that use your images abuse you?
  • Private places and public places how to get there
  • Do we have the right to photograph people on the street?
  • The right to the image of your models if you publish photos
  • The right to information and case law in 2020
  • The importance and dangers of social networks
  • Many useful links and documentation
  • Free advice service for your personal cases

What I have the right to photograph or not. Do my photos really belong to me under the new copyright laws? Can I publish what I want on the web or other media? Can a third party take my photos on the web? If I have characters (models or others) in my photos, can I do what I want with them? For paid occasional contracts, am I legal?
Documentation will be provided to consolidate your skills.

Registration is free and places are limited! 



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