Duration : 2.5h

We are proud to offer this free conference with Lucie Gagnon, as part of our ''Mega Annual Photo Sale'' event.

IIn French only

Winter offers magical decorations! In order to highlight these beauties, it is necessary to know important data, judicious information and some secrets of this particular season! In this theoretical course, refreshing the interpretation of the light meter and relevant information concerning the histogram are essential. And what about the extraordinary role of white balance! Also, you will learn to recognize suitable places and subjects according to the different climatic conditions. Other points will be discussed for the success of your winter images!

1. Clothing, tips and tricks
2. The exposure meter
3. The histogram
4. Places and subjects sought
5. Weather conditions
6. White balances and filtration: Glowing white balance, shaded white balance and more !, Polarizing filter, Yellow / blue polarizing filter + blue filter, red / blue polarizing filter
7. Light
8. At the end of winter ...

Winter photography gives us a special context where our body adapts to a rhythm different from that of everyday life.
The photographer feels like she is in a world that is both peaceful and magical!

Registration is free and places are limited!


per person
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