Duration : 2.5h

We are proud to offer this free conference with Matthieu Lambert from Bali Design, as part of our ''Mega Annual Photo Sale'' event.

In French only

You want to take beautiful pictures of animals in the studio, but the task seems insurmountable, because "Fido" does not want to stay in place and you do not know how to arrange your lighting?

The conference offered to you will cover several key topics:
• The importance of understanding animal language
• How to properly light a scene
• How to edit your photos in a simple, but effective way.

You will then be able to make small masterpieces!
The subjects covered will allow you to master your photo session in the studio, and have a good time with your favorite pet!

Registration is free and places are limited!



per person
No course on the schedule soon. However, you can make an arrangement with the teacher by clicking here.