Duration : 2.5h

We are proud to offer this free conference with Michel Proulx, as part of our ''Mega Annual Photo Sale'' event.

In French only

Composing an image is deciding what to remove from the frame ...

Objectives: Help the participant understand the importance of analyzing the information in the viewfinder and previewing it. Give photographers concrete solutions to clarify the story they want to tell in their photo. Analyze the essential vision and perceptions to avoid disappointment after returning from your shooting sessions.

Content: Through a very structured presentation of hundreds of original images and dynamic animation, you will learn in this conference how to give impact to your photos by better understanding the path of the eye and the emotional reactions. . You will also learn that the best photos often do not follow any rules. You will develop your creative intuition from the 7 fundamental principles applicable in all kinds of photography including portraiture. In short, you will learn to convey the emotion of your subject rather than just "photocopying" it. A good photo is made of audacity, madness, love of the subject, luck, expediency and a little technique. As a bonus, documentation on "the ten great sins of composition" and exercises to do at home will be offered.

Registration is free and places are limited!



per person
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