Duration : 7h




The technique must serve the art and not the other way around. This is why we should not look for the so-called technical perfection because it does not exist. The control of the light meter of your camera is essential because the photos are built with light. You will learn in this workshop to not always believe your light meter, and it does not matter whether you take your photos in manual or automatic mode and whatever the subject. To take a picture is to emotionally interpret the reality and the available light. By maximizing this vision of things you can make very personal and creative images from more advanced technical concepts and better control of your equipment. Also, you will see "the light" differently by better understanding its natural features in nature situations, landscapes, travels, urban photos and even in portrait. The perfect exposure technically is not systematically to look for. To create atmospheres to infinity, you will learn to make the right choices, your choices!

• Theory and practice of reading modes of the light meter of
your device
• More advanced settings of the device menus
• The notion of contrasts versus the capabilities of your
• Silhouettes and counter-silhouettes (high key)
• Creativity from exposure changes.
• The notions of "high key" (white on white) and
"low key" (chiaroscuro).
• Interpretation and analysis of light
• The notions of sensitometry and "zones" to
pre-visualize scenes in ambient light.
• Several supervised practices (outputs) and viewing of the
• The inevitable post-production


Pre-requisite: Having knowledge of the basics of photography (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field). Having knowledge of the different modes of your camera.

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